Information and Reminders Events


In the event of new health restrictions imposed by the government that no longer allow the event to take place (confinement - restricted number of people - closure of hotels/restaurants etc.), the Etablissement Ô Château undertakes to postpone the event to a later date (in agreement with the client) without any penalty. - In case of cancellation of the event (except for restrictions linked to the health crisis), the Management reserves the right to apply penalties according to the type of event.


Our proposed menus and prices may change over time depending on the date of your event and the prices of our suppliers. This possible change will be proposed to you beforehand as it could lead to an increase in our rates.


For the smooth running of our service, children must not run, play in the common areas or areas reserved for our staff, nor go up or down the floors of the establishment. - We remind our customers that children are the responsibility of their parents. We decline all responsibility in case of accident. - Children wishing to play outside must be under the supervision of an adult. - If there are more than 5 children at any given event, we strongly recommend that our customers arrange suitable childcare. - We remind our customers that children under 16 years of age are not allowed during the second part of the evening, except in the case of privatisation of the space.


Any damage caused, inside or outside the establishment, will be charged to you or will be the subject of a claim to your insurance. - During events, we ask all our clients to use only the space reserved for them in the castle. - Our clients must respect the premises and other clients, both in terms of behaviour and in terms of noise pollution throughout the establishment, including outside. Do not forget that the Ô Château is also a hotel. After 11:00 pm, we thank you for paying particular attention to noise pollution (in the lobby but also on our terrace, during your cigarette breaks or when saying goodbye (please do not honk your horn!) - If you wish to have an atmosphere "like at home", animation, music, etc... you will have to consider a privatization of the place.


The decoration of the space dedicated to your event as well as the uninstallation are not at the expense of the Establishment. If you wish to bring your own decoration (table plan labels, candy boxes, centrepieces, other decorative elements, etc.), please agree in advance with the Management and plan to remove them before the closure of the establishment. - Each set of furniture and decorative elements are the property of Ô Château. They are dedicated to a specific area. If you wish to use them in another space, you will be charged the cost of labour or hire (to be agreed with the Events Team).


Our establishment opens its doors to you according to the following hours: Any additional hours must be agreed in advance with the management of the establishment and will be invoiced from €25 per hour and per member of staff made available (any hour started is an hour due).


Monday to Friday 12:00 to 15:00 - 19:30 to 00:00 Saturday Closed for lunch - 7.30 pm to midnight Sunday 12:00 to 17:00 - Closed in the evening Our BAR areas (currently closed) - Opening & Privatisation on request (under conditions) We thank you for your understanding and remain at your disposal to discuss this.  about your hotel with your guests.