General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Payment must be made in full at the time of booking. Rates are higher on online booking platforms. All reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card number and its expiry date in order to be firm and final. The hotel reserves the right to refuse any reservation if the credit card number is incorrect or the reservation incomplete. All reservations are held until 7pm, after which time the hotel may dispose of the reserved room(s) unless the guest has notified the hotel of a late arrival. In case of arrival after 7pm, the reservation will only be guaranteed by Sending a written notice by e-mail specifying the time of arrival, or Prepayment, or Voucher, or Commitment of the company (written reservation), or Agreement to be billed on a payment card, materialised by the provision of the card number (16 digits) and expiry date.


100% payment on reservation. To be firm and definitive, all reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card number and its expiry date. The hotel reserves the right to refuse any reservation if the credit card number is incorrect or the reservation incomplete. Cancellations are possible 14 days prior to arrival if 5 or more rooms are booked. Within 14 days of arrival, a cancellation fee will be applied according to the quote. All reservations are firm orders. If requested by the client, items left behind or abandoned can be returned by parcel or courier, which must be tracked and insured for valuable items. The shipment will be made after the customer has paid the shipping costs. The internal regulations apply to all reservations. Any stay implies the acceptance of the special conditions and the internal regulations of "Ô Château" Hotel-Bar-Restaurant.


If you need to cancel or modify your reservation after it has been confirmed, cancellation fees will apply: The hotel does not charge a fee up to 72 hours prior to arrival. Within 72 hours of arrival, the hotel reserves the right to charge a fee according to the following schedule: The equivalent of one night for a stay of 1 to 3 nights. The equivalent of 50% of your total stay for a stay of more than 3 nights. If you shorten your stay once you have arrived, you will be charged in full, unless the room can be resold. All cancellations must be made by e-mail. In case of interruption of the stay, early departure or no-show, this will result in the total cancellation of your reservation. No refunds will be made, the entire stay is due. All cancellations must be made in writing and dated. If the cancellation is to take effect from the date of an oral communication, the written confirmation will make express reference to this. All written documents received from the hotel in reference to the oral communication will dispense with any subsequent written reconfirmation by the guest. Guests are reminded that the hotel's house rules apply to all reservations. Accepting the room rental at the indicated price means accepting the special conditions and the hotel's internal regulations. Our rates can be consulted at the hotel reception desk and are displayed on a board outside the hotel. Prices are subject to change at any time of the year and must be confirmed on the day of your booking. All prices are quoted in Euros, including taxes and services.


On the day of the Client's arrival, the establishment requests an authorisation (also called "pre-authorisation" as a guarantee) from the Client's bank for a lump sum of 200€ to cover any consumption or expenditure by the Client on site (breakfast, restaurant, bar, damages, etc.). The pre-authorisation request is not an immediate debit but corresponds to a reserve for future payment, authorised by the Client's bank, which temporarily reduces the limit of the bank card used to guarantee the possibility of the future debit. In some cases, depending on the Customer's bank, the pre-authorisation request may nevertheless appear as a pending debit on the bank account associated with the card used. On the day of departure, if no damage is noted and no payment remains outstanding, the Establishment will request that the pre-authorisation request be released by the Customer's bank. Any consumption or expenses incurred by the Client on the premises shall be paid by the Client on the day of his departure to the establishment; In the event of damage, theft or outstanding debits, the establishment will send a debit request to the Client's bank. In rare cases, the pre-authorisation request may result in a debit by the Customer's bank even before the actual debit is made. In this case, the debit will not be made twice. The balance, if in favour of the Client, will be automatically credited back to the Client by the bank. If the booking is cancelled after the pre-authorisation request has been activated in accordance with the cancellation conditions of the booked fare, a request for cancellation of the pre-authorisation request is automatically sent to the bank of the cardholder used. In rare cases, this cancellation may appear as a refund. Please note that it usually takes twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours for the pre-authorised amount to be released (or refunded), but it can take up to seven (7) business days or more, depending on the cardholder's bank. In order to activate a pre-authorisation request, the Client is asked to provide his/her bank card details when taking out a reservation guarantee. The Client is informed in advance of the characteristics of the pre-authorisation request. The credit card data are only kept by the payment service provider of the establishment, in the framework of a strict policy of security of the banking data. In any case, this guarantee does not replace the full payment of the stay at the time of booking. If you book via a hotel reservation platform (,, you will be asked to provide proof of identity and a credit card as a deposit at check-in.